02 January 2009

New Year, New Habit

Kerry (1/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I'm trying to start doing the 365 Days project, over on Flickr, as something to replace smoking, which I've been trying to quit (in fits and starts) for a year.

It only occurred to me yesterday or the day before that having a new habit to replace smoking was the only real way to keep myself from having that craving - I'm pretty sure it's psychological addiction, not chemical dependency.

Also, I used to be pretty good at photography. And some pictures I've taken for the desk job have gotten compliments that make me wonder if I didn't make a mistake in not pursuing it further.

Anyway, the first entry for the year 2009 is this piece of work: one shot, taken at around 11 (because I'd forgotten to carry my camera around with me all day) of Kerry, who's probably the most insistent that I stop smoking - even though she's got the least faith that I will.

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