13 December 2007

Super 8 + Zombies = Freaking Sweet (but not like you think)

Two of my favorite things in the world: Super 8 films and sappy semi-psychedelic love songs.

The Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year" is way up on my list. I would argue, in certain rare moods, that it's an even better love song than "God Only Knows." But rare moods indeed.

Also, apparently, these movies were shot by the filmmaker's parents. Which is extra sweet.

via Look at This...

12 December 2007

The Reason for Saying I've Got a Crush

The more I settle into the routine of a long-distance relationship, the more I learn to take care of myself. The more I learn to take care of myself, the more I learn to rely on myself for day-to-day needs. The more I rely on myself, the less I need anyone else for things I should take care of by myself anyway.

Which just makes me want you more.

I want to turn the things I'm learning into a crayon drawing and hang them on my refrigerator for you to see and admire.

I'm back in the fifth grade when I think about you.

09 December 2007

Helvetica on Studio 360

This week's PRI's Studio 360 featured a segment on Helvetica...

Geeking out about typefaces should be the new national pasttime. But maybe that's me, speaking as the guy working on a book of poetry about typefaces.