13 January 2009

Madison Mosaic Mural (13/365)

I sort of inadvertently picked up a third job today - one of my Apple Store coworkers is working on restoring a mosaic at a MATA trolley station near downtown on Madison, and she needs help. So Nicola (left) and Jim (right) and I are acting as said help.

When we took the sketch out to the site this morning, it turned out that some grave miscalculations were made in transferring the original sketches to the materials we will use in making the new mosaic.

Everything is too big.

12 January 2009

Mexican Potluck (11/365)

Mexican Potluck (11/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

lots of pots at the potluck. Isn't THAT inexplicable?

(My stomach is still recovering.)

Kerry Celebrates (10/365)

Kerry Celebrates (10/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

Kerry and I bought iPhones today. This marks her financial independence. We celebrated by drinking (rather good) champagne in a can through (rather collapsible) straws.

tri-tone (8/365)

tri-tone (8/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I don't know what this is. But it was on my camera when I did find it, and I like the tri-tone sunburst thing.

Comin' ATCHA (7/365)

Comin' ATCHA (7/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I lost my phone immediately after this photo was taken, thus the delay since the last photo.