23 December 2009

Move it on over. This blog is dead, but this one isn't.

27 February 2009

Rocky Mountain News closes; chalk one up for the cynics

I wrote this for Radio Sweethearts, but wasn't quite comfortable posting it there.

I knew this particular bit of bad news was coming; Scripps has been trying and failing to sell the ailing Rocky Mountain News since December. Scripps has been suffering huge losses at the paper.

I say that I saw this coming, but the actual announcement of the closing comes as something of a suckerpunch.

The news comes as so much of a suckerpunch that I need to emphasize my editorial independence on this one. No one else knows that I'm writing this - until it's up.

It's fair to neither the employees of the Rocky Mountain News nor to their families that no one was told that tomorrow (Friday) will be their last day until today. And rather than simple "life isn't fair" unfair, this treatment of employees borders on injust.

Kerry works at the Commercial Appeal, another Scripps paper. She works for the online department - she and her immediate co-workers are/will be the saviors of the newspaper industry. If, that is, they aren't beaten to within an inch of their morale's life by incidents like this happening within their employer's parent company.

I strongly believe that the Commercial Appeal is going to weather the storm, a statement I can make only after having met the stalwart crew of the online department, because they're doing what they believe in, because they care too much, and most of all, because the paper has never missed an issue.

The people I know there are too damned stubborn to be the people around for the Commercial Appeal's first missed issue.

But I can't say that I don't worry. The morale of employees at any business directly affects the morale of their families. I try to stay positive, knowing that Kerry is in a position which will remain vital to the newspaper industry throughout this awkward pubescent transition to the industry's new world, but the simple fact that she's aware of the possibility of another suckerpunch causes me to worry, too.

I don't have the heart to look up any public radio reportage on the Rocky Mountain News' closure, because I'm afraid that it's all going to be tinged with the sense of superiority that comes from working in any other form of media.

I'm looking at you when I say that, Bob Garfield. You know, there was a battle between radio and television, too. Just like the one between newspapers and the internet. Guess what? TV won. And you still have a job - two, actually, in radio and print. Your living depends on dead media.

But if radio can evolve and find a market in a TV world, then surely newspapers can do the same in an internet world - this not taking into account the fact that much of the internet experience is already based on the newspaper model, an advantage that few commentators have noticed, and few small-town daily newspapers seem to have realized either.

My thoughts and prayers - such as they are - are with the employees and families of the Rocky Mountain News. If you people are anything like the people I know at the CA, you'll pull through and end up in a better place.

13 January 2009

Madison Mosaic Mural (13/365)

I sort of inadvertently picked up a third job today - one of my Apple Store coworkers is working on restoring a mosaic at a MATA trolley station near downtown on Madison, and she needs help. So Nicola (left) and Jim (right) and I are acting as said help.

When we took the sketch out to the site this morning, it turned out that some grave miscalculations were made in transferring the original sketches to the materials we will use in making the new mosaic.

Everything is too big.

12 January 2009

Mexican Potluck (11/365)

Mexican Potluck (11/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

lots of pots at the potluck. Isn't THAT inexplicable?

(My stomach is still recovering.)

Kerry Celebrates (10/365)

Kerry Celebrates (10/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

Kerry and I bought iPhones today. This marks her financial independence. We celebrated by drinking (rather good) champagne in a can through (rather collapsible) straws.

tri-tone (8/365)

tri-tone (8/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I don't know what this is. But it was on my camera when I did find it, and I like the tri-tone sunburst thing.

Comin' ATCHA (7/365)

Comin' ATCHA (7/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I lost my phone immediately after this photo was taken, thus the delay since the last photo.

07 January 2009

Cooper-Young (6/365)

Cooper-Young (6/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

The intersection that gives my neighborhood its name, as seen from my passenger seat.

Brought to you by the miracle of Gorilla Pod.

06 January 2009

Self-Portrait at Eclectic (5/365)

at Eclectic (5/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I spent a rainy afternoon off at Cafe Eclectic on the other side of Midtown drinking Americanos, reading poetry, writing poetry, and figuring out how to make a new Automator workflow to help me use iPhoto more effectively.

(The workflow, by the way, takes photos added to a specific folder in my Dock, adds them to a specific album in iPhoto, and then moves them to the Trash.

I created this because my desk job frequently necessitates the use of public-domain/CC-licensed photos in Keynote presentations. It's just easier to use Keynote's Media Browser to find photos in iPhoto than to dig through Finder windows and what-have-you.)

04 January 2009

screenprint (4/365)

screenprint (4/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

Screen for a print I made of Kerry and Myself. It sits directly above my desk, in the window for which I never found blinds.

(I know #3 is missing; Kerry and I spent the last day in Nashville, meeting my family somewhat less than halfway. Like an idiot, I forgot my camera. My sister did not, and I'll try to snag one from her.)

03 January 2009

Henry (2/365)

Henry (2/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I know the dog looks like he's guarding Hell. He'd need to have two more heads and own Chrysler before he's a true Cerberus.

That said, he was acting like a little demon when I took this picture.

02 January 2009

New Year, New Habit

Kerry (1/365), originally uploaded by The Spacebase.

I'm trying to start doing the 365 Days project, over on Flickr, as something to replace smoking, which I've been trying to quit (in fits and starts) for a year.

It only occurred to me yesterday or the day before that having a new habit to replace smoking was the only real way to keep myself from having that craving - I'm pretty sure it's psychological addiction, not chemical dependency.

Also, I used to be pretty good at photography. And some pictures I've taken for the desk job have gotten compliments that make me wonder if I didn't make a mistake in not pursuing it further.

Anyway, the first entry for the year 2009 is this piece of work: one shot, taken at around 11 (because I'd forgotten to carry my camera around with me all day) of Kerry, who's probably the most insistent that I stop smoking - even though she's got the least faith that I will.