21 February 2008

I Need a New Plan

Over the last couple weeks, I applied for a position with the Teach for America organization.

I heard back today.  They don't want me.

I'm gonna need a job in Memphis.  Anyone who has an idea what a Creative Writing major can do for a living in that fair city, please let me know.

Turns out the 'blood for oil' thing is true. Again.

Oh, groan.

Seriously.  This needs to stop.  Bush, Cheney, et al. need to put on their big girl panties and just admit it.

Jon Taplin has more information, with decent sources.

19 February 2008

More Self-Promotion, This Time With Moving Pictures

Let's try this again.  I play as William Wolfe.

I have some music on MySpace, and I'm about to start building my own website.  I'll keep updating here about my progress