01 December 2007

Head is churning, but Alas!

My battery is almost dead, and I have a huge screenprinting project to tackle over the next two days.  

(As well as other homework, which, I'm somewhat sorry to say, is on the back burner.  It's possible I'll stay up tonight, and go to bed normally tomorrow, but this stuff never happens like that.)

What currently has my mind churning is a blog entry from a fellow who just added me to his Flickr contacts.  He goes by the handle "Headphonaught"--which is brilliant in itself--and his "nanolog" (on which most posts are about the same length or longer than on mine).  

The post, about consumerism and how it fits into his ethics, is pretty brilliant, but a little more in-depth than I have time for today.  So expect a lengthy post in a few days.  I'll just say for now that I'm terribly fond of the idea that "The world doesn't need more products.  It needs better products."  

Scott and I have had a few conversations about this.  He teases me constantly that even though I'm living off of student loans and don't have a "real" job, I have nicer stuff than he and his wife have.  The thing is, if he'd look, the nice stuff I have is usually the same nice stuff I've had for a long time.  I buy nice stuff because it works for me and it usually lasts longer than cheap stuff.  My seven-year-old iMac is still perfectly functional (even if it doesn't like playing video), it's just that I prefer using my two-and-a-half year old iBook.  My 40 gig 4G iPod still functions perfectly well--though I have to tweak settings in iTunes to get as much as possible on it, and carry around my ex's iPod Mini (given back in a fit of anger, though she kept her Found books).

Also, Kerry just called to tell me that she just found McLemore Avenue by Booker T. and the MG's on vinyl.  Which pretty much means I have the most awesome girlfriend ever.

29 November 2007

28 November 2007

So There's This Book of Poems I've Written, and They're Mostly For or About You

So I'd like you to have it.

Thus began my big serious high school dating relationship.

I'm gonna have some poems for sale next week. If you're in Muncie, you should drop by and try to get one of the 16 broadsides I'll have for sale as part of the Manifesto Mart, which consists of the sale of handmade projects from Dr. Rai Peterson's ENG 347/Manifesto Poets class.

Mine are not about girls, explicitly. They're collectively referred to as the Type series, and deal with the intersection, interplay, and interference between notions of text-as-visual and text-as-content.

Sound pretentious? When I put it like that, it is. But it's also about best friends, zombies, anthropodermic bibliopegy, sexualized architecture, the way birds don't get out of the way of your car until the last possible second, reanimated Roman emperors, booze, Chicago, Noblesville, fireflies from Thailand, and--yeah, okay, you're right--girls.

Looking at it now, that's a lot of things for four poems to be about. I mean, seriously. I read a lot of current surrealism, and maybe that's why. Dean Young, Tony Hoagland, Gabriel Gudding, and David Berman have all changed/are in the process of changing my life. So expect that kind of thing.

The series, as it stands right now, includes the poems "Ligature," "Futura Medium," "Times New Roman," and "A Colphon."

It's possible that something else will be swapped with "Times New Roman," because I really hate that typeface. (I hate Georgia, what this blog is set in, but it is, sadly, about the best option Blogger provides.)

Four beautiful, screenprinted broadsides of each poem will be available. Though they are a series, they'll be sold individually, at $5 a piece. Collect all four.

The picture above is from my Flickr Stream. Flickr Terms of Use require me to link to Flickr. So here you go.

27 November 2007

Somebody get Facebook to Pay Me Some Serious Money

Because this is the best idea I've ever had.

Which isn't quite true. But it's still pretty awesome.

Can someone tell me what typeface Facebook uses? I tried all the normal web fonts, and none of them worked right. Anyway, this:

would be ADORABLE.

Adorable at the Wee Spaniel level. No rush though; I'm happy with this:

EDIT: Facebook uses Lucida Grande, I've just realized. I should have recognized it. I use a Mac. It's fucking everywhere.

25 November 2007

Thomas Friedman's Op-Ed article on "Illegal Mingling"

I only scanned the rest of the article, and I'm not sure I totally side with Friedman, but the first two paragraphs?