24 November 2007

Abject Beauty in Consumer Products

EDIT: because I've received some criticism of my use of "abject beauty," here (other than the sound) is why I like it: "abject" means "unpleasant."  Roughly.  It's stronger than that.  I can't afford most objects that I find beautiful; thus their existence is unpleasant to me.  I still like them, though.

in chronological order of my discovery

1.  Snuggle Up

Exactly as a comforter should be.

2.  The Design Truck

Seen somewhere on I-40 between Nashville and Memphis.

3.  An upholstered block headboard on a low platform bed

Simple and lovely.  And I've a thing for a low platform bed.  From West Elm, via Cribcandy.

4.  Dada Dental Cabinet

I'm not really sure what makes this Dada, or dental, but it makes me think of an Eames-style cabinet, as colored by Mondriaan.  Makes me weak.  via Cribcandy.

5.  Talin Wall Clock

Simple and lovely.  And woodgrain.  via Cribcandy again.  At Crate and Barrel.

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